Tender type & Procedures

In order to give room for speedy and timely execution of Government projects, any of the three types of tender and their procedures in the award of contracts are to be adopted, depending on the situation. These are:

(1) - Open Competitive Tender: This type of tender demands wide invitation of prospective contractors to show interest in executing the project under consideration. The procedure starts with advert and concludes with the determination of “winner”. When a contract is valued at more than N200,000,000 Two Hundred million, this tendering procedure shall be used. The contract is to be advertised in Government Gazette and in at least two national dailies.

(2) - Selective Competitive Tender: This type of tender demands that competition, for the contract to be awarded, shall be restricted to the selected or pre-qualified contractors in the State identified to posses who have the required technical and financial capacities and are well experienced in the type of project under consideration. The procedure starts with an invitation to at least two, but not more than five, such contractors to bid for the contract. The submissions made by the competing contractors should be critically evaluated by the relevant Tenders Board and vetted by the DPPMB before taking decision on the next line of action (approval or recommendation to a higher authority, as the case may be).

(3) Nominated Tendering Procedure: Here a single contractor is to be nominated by the appropriate awarding MDAs, judging from the reliability, experience and competence of the contractor, to bid for the contract. This type of tendering procedure should be restricted to categories1, 2, 3 and 4 contracts. Again, in line with the principles of checks and balances, the DPPMB has to certify the nominated contractor and, so, can recommend the rejection of any nominated contractor whose reliability or competence is in doubt.