Bureau Functions

Due Process in Jigawa State is part of an overall governance reform process aimed at ensuring effective and efficient service delivery. The Due Process compendium consists of the basic guidelines governing budget implementation in its totality from spending limits for the various spending units to procedures governing award of contracts for projects, services or procurements. The Functions are:
  • To regulate and set standards to enforce bidding and tender documents for all the State contracts;

  • To ensure full compliance with the laid down guidelines and procedures on procurement;
  • To develop, update and maintain system wide database for the State on various procurements at the Ministries, Department, Agencies and Local Government levels;

  • To uphold professional ethics and report erring procurement personnel, state and local government functionaries, department and private sector companies and their personnel to relevant authorities for appropriate sanctions;

  • To monitor prices of tendered items and provide price database advisory services to the procuring entity;

  • To perform pre-procurement audits;

  • To evaluate and monitor government projects from point of award until completion and issue certificate accordingly;
  • To coordinate training to promote capacity building of procurement personnel of the State;
  • To sensitize, promote and educate the citizens and other stakeholders in the state on public procurement issues;
  • To provide relevant procurement and budget performance information to interested parties;
  • To publish the details of major contracts awarded in the state periodically;
  • To undertake procurement research and surveys;
  • To set and update standard bidding and contract documents;
  • To perform all things and carryout such other activities as are necessary and expedient for the full discharge of its functions under or pursuant to this law.