Due Process Certifications

Request for Due Process Review and Certification

Having followed all the Due Process as outlined in chapter 3, Government Agencies are then required to document all the details of the contract award process and the conclusions and recommendations there-from. Depending on the expenditure threshold, the Agency is then required to submit detailed documents to the DPPMB for a Due Process compliance review and the issuance of a Due Process Compliance Certificate which will accompany the documents to the authority for the award of the contract (MTB, FGPC or the State Executive Council as the case may be)

Documents Required for DPPMB Review and Certification

The documents listed in the "Due Process Guidelines" under section 4.2 must be forwarded by a Procuring Entity to the DPPMB along with the Letter of Request (LOR) for Due Process Compliance Review and Certification for Award of Contract or Payment on on-going contract as the case may be.

The Review Process and Issuance of Certificates

The review process begins immediately a request for Due Process Compliance Review is received by the DPPMB from a Procuring Entity. The first step is to assign the task to the designated Team or the appropriate Technical Desk Officer in the Bureau. The Team may compose of staff of the Bureau only, staff on Secondment for the review purpose, Commissioned consultants or any combination of these. It is basically a review of the contract process and submissions made by procuring entities at the conclusion of their contracting procedure. 

The Compliance Review Process is a three-pronged transparent exercise. This involves the DPPMB Team or Officer(s) establishing from the submissions of the Procuring Entity that from the way the Procuring Entity carried out the Due Process procedures in contract award:
  • The Process was right;
  • The Winner was right;
  • The cost of award was right.
for more information see Due Process Guidelines Handbook.